IBEX SERVICES Ltd provides for accounting and administrative management services to individuals, families and companies. Financial accounting, management accounting, payroll and social security management services, together with taxation and representation services, are the offerings IBEX SERVICES Ltd was traditionally built upon. Real estate management (REM) services complete the offer

Financial Accounting Services

Financial accounting services is the preparation of financial statements to the attention of shareholders and stakeholders (suppliers, banks, etc.). The three components of financial statements are: (•) income statement, (•) balance sheet, and (•) cash flow statement. Financial accountancy is governed by local (Swiss GAAP FER) and international accounting standards (GAAP and IFRS). At IBEX SERVICES Ltd, recognizing that financial planning is not a product, but a process, we deliver personalized financial accounting services and work to keep our clients focused on their financial objectives.

Management Accounting Services

While financial accounting aims to delivering accounting information to external parties, management accounting provides strategic information within the organisation, helping managers in decision-making in order to create—so called—"shareholder value”. Delivering Management accounting services involves partnering in management decision-making, devising planning and performance management systems, and providing expertise in financial accounting. At IBEX SERIVCES Ltd we focus on assisting in the formulation and implementation of an organization's strategy in order to achieve client’s goals.

Tax & VAT Accounting Services

While financial accounting and management accounting are prepared for non-governmental (shareholders and stakeholders) consumption, tax accounting and VAT accounting represent the body of financial documents prepared to be delivered to governmental authorities. Despite tax accounting and VAT accounting being of limited deployability in day-to-day operations, compliance to the rule of law is of utmost relevance for the long-term sustainability of any business. Thus, at IBEX SERVICES Ltd we work closely with our clients in order to make them understand all tax and VAT regulations in advance to any decision or action.

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Real Estate Management Services

Real estate management means taking care of every aspect of a property: preparation of periodic reporting, collection of rents and expenses, control and payment of suppliers, compliance with deadlines, property relationships with tenants and their contractual formalities, insurance aspects and administrative and fiscal requirements. At IBEX SERVICES Ltd we manage residential and commercial assets, from single units to large complexes. By entrusting a property to us the value retention of the asset and the return on the investment are insured by professional management.

Payroll Management Services

Effective payroll management has a significant two-fold benefit within any organization. When payroll management is outsourced, liberation from administrative burdens allows, not to only to stay focused on core business processes, but also to warrant for employees’ satisfaction. At IBEX SERVICES Ltd we provide businesses with exhaustive payroll and employee management services. We assist our clients in complying with federal and local regulations, with particular attention to—so called—"minimum salaries”, “collective work agreements” and “normal work agreements” in order to avoid any infringements or sanctions.

Authorizations & Permit Services

All foreigners living or working in Switzerland are requested by law to be in possession of a valid residence or work permit. Where the individual working within the Swiss jurisdiction is employed, then the necessary documentation is usually put together by the employer. The administrative burden and the opportunity costs tied to this procedure are not to be underestimated—in particular for small and medium businesses. At IBEX SERVICES Ltd we offer our experience in the relevant fields in order to streamline client’s procedures, may they be tied to work permits or any other authorization.

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Tax Planning Services

Tax planning considers the fiscal implications of individual’s and corporate’s decisions. While decisions are rarely made solely on the base of their fiscal impact, knowledge of the fiscal consequences is of the utmost importance within any decision-making process. At IBEX SERVICES Ltd we work closely with our corporate and private clients in order to optimize their asset’s structure, as well as their overall financial situation. Although minimizing the fiscal impact is important, we work in a way that seeks to minimize fiscal events, while achieving a proper balance of risk and return. This is our paramount concern.

Tax Declaration Services

As it is the case for every Swiss citizen residing in Switzerland and for any moral person incorporated within the Swiss jurisdiction, also every individual having obtained a Swiss residence permit is obliged by law to file his annual tax declaration. The same applies for everyone, living outside of Switzerland and owning real estate located within the Swiss jurisdiction. At IBEX SERVICES Ltd, thanks to our long-standing experience, we provide our clients with assistance in the compilation of all relevant forms, may they be on communal, cantonal or federal matters, as well as with the compilation of all form relating to the refund of withholding taxes.

VAT Representation Services

Anyone—may it be an individual or a legal entity—operating a business within the Swiss jurisdiction and realizing a worldwide turnover of more than CHF 100’000 per annum, is subject to Swiss VAT duties. For individuals residing outside of the Swiss jurisdiction, as well as for legal entities incorporated outside of the Swiss jurisdiction, Swiss VAT regulations prescribe the designation of a—so called—“representative” in Switzerland. At IBEX SERVICES Ltd we do offer to selected clients (individuals and legal entities)—so called—"VAT representation services”. At the same time we do provide our clients with VAT Accounting Services and VAT Declaration Services.



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